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Inter-Office MovesMoving offices is often more difficult and complex than businesses realize before the process begins. Even when you’re only moving an office to another floor in the same building, or to a different area on your corporate campus, it can be as stressful and overwhelming of a project as moving across town. Call our Pensacola Moving Company to avoid unnecessary disruptions in your business and prevent lost revenue or costly damage.  Rely on the Office Moving Services at Coastal Moving & Storage for your inter-office moves.


Why Hire Professional Movers?

Even if a moving van won’t be necessary, our experienced office movers have the training and resources you need to ensure your office move is safe and prevent any damage or injury.

From correctly disassembling and reassembling your workstations to moving heavy furniture, cabinets, and electrical equipment, our office movers know how to get the job done right and done well. We’ll eliminate the chaos and the danger that an office move can bring.

Our professionals can also provide management for your move, working with you to take care of all of the details of the move.


We Work on Your Time

Our professionals are available for the move whenever it’s most convenient for you. We know that any interruption of business is lost time and lost money, so we’ll work around your schedule. Whether it’s after-hours or over the weekend, we’ll minimize the disruption to your business caused by your office move.


Our Professional Office Movers

All of the professionals at Coastal Moving & Storage are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have extensive training and experience. So we can guarantee your satisfaction with our work at e very single job.

We have the skills and the equipment to take care of any move, no matter how large or small it is. We have a complete inventory of:

  • Four-wheel dollies
  • Special steel dollies
  • Library carts
  • Spider cranes
  • Masonite floor protection
  • Plastic carpet film
  • Foam wall protection

We can make sure that this move is done quickly and professionally, eliminating any risk of damages to your business’ property, and guaranteeing a stress-free and easy moving process. You’ll be able to keep your business running smoothly, and this transition will be as easy as possible. When you need to move your office, you can always depend on the professionals at Coastal Moving & Storage.

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