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5 Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

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pensacola-storage-unitWhether you’re moving locally, you’re remodeling your home, or you want to store items you don’t need at the moment, storage services in Pensacola are extremely helpful. Renting a storage unit from a storage and moving company can help you clear out space in your home and provide a safe spot for you to store your items when you’re moving, but packing your storage unit should not be done haphazardly. Review storage packing tips, listen to your moving company‘s suggestions, and learn how to pack your storage unit like a professional packer before you start moving your belongings into their temporary home.

Label Your Boxes

As you pack your belongings, label each box with a brief description of its contents. Mark delicate items as “FRAGILE” so that special care can be taken when packing. Labeling your boxes will allow you to find items easily when you go looking for them.

Clear a Path

Your storage and moving company can probably tell you how important it is to leave an open aisle in your storage unit. A two-foot wide aisle will allow you to access items that are at the back of your unit without taking out all of the furniture and boxes in front and then putting them all back. The labels on the boxes should be turned toward the aisle so that you can scan them easily as you walk through.

Store Tools Safely

If you plan to pack any metal tools or equipment that require fuel, make sure to drain them completely before storing them. You should also clean them prior to packing so that they don’t rust quickly while in storage.

Create a Stable Foundation

Sort your boxes and furniture by weight. The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom of the storage unit, and the weight of each item should decrease as you stack them. This method will ensure that fragile items are not crushed underneath heavy boxes and that items are secure and don’t fall over.

Make Use of Vertical Space

When renting a storage unit, every square inch counts. Don’t be afraid to stack boxes onto furniture and other boxes. As long as you are strategic about placement, items will not be damaged by stacking. You won’t have to wonder if all of your items will fit, so pack upward, not just outward.

If you require a storage unit to house your belongings temporarily, contact a reputable Pensacola storage and moving company like Coastal Moving and Storage, and begin packing your items with care.

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