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4 Things You Shouldn’t Put Into Storage

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When you are in the middle of a home renovation or the process of moving out, you can quickly find yourself in a situation where you have more household goods than you have room to store. Luckily, secure storage services like the one we here at Coastal Moving and Storage offer to our customers are available provide a temporary safe haven to protect some of your household goods while you are in the middle of transitioning. Just like self storage units, however, it is important to know what household items should and shouldn’t be packed away in storage. Here is a handy list we have included to help you decide what things to pack away for storage, and, more importantly, what things you shouldn’t.


Storing these kinds of volatile materials is not only hazardous to your other possessions if something were to accidentally go off, but they pose a threat to the safety of other customer’s goods and to our team of movers as well. In addition to having to replace your own goods that could get damaged in an accident, you could also be help liable for any damages to other customer’s goods and any personal harm that befell anyone who happened to get caught up in the event. If you absolutely need a place to store items like these, it is recommended that you ask a friend to store them for you or contact a local gun shop or shooting range as these facilities are usually much better equipped to store these kinds of items.


Even if your food items don’t require refrigeration, it is never a good idea to pack up perishable food, including pet food, for storage. Even when properly packed away, food items have a tendency to attract insects and rodents, which can cause untold damage to your valuables by chewing through them in an attempt to reach your food or by setting up nests. Perishable food also serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and mold which can spread and cause damage to your other goods, especially in a dark environment.

Hazardous Materials

This can kind of be a catch-all term, but in this setting it is mostly referring to corrosive materials, chemicals, odorous/noxious gases, compressed gases, and all flammable liquids or solutions containing asbestos. These materials can cause serious damage and health risks if they were to explode or leak out, and you could be held liable for any damage or injury that results. If you have any items that require these materials for fuel as an example, you may store the item provided that these solutions have been completely drained out before they are put into storage.

Stolen Property

This almost goes without saying, but if you don’t legally own something, then do not pack it away to be stored. If anything that has been reported stolen turns up in your stored goods, you could be facing some serious legal trouble, so make sure that if you pack it up to be stored, it belongs to you.

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