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How to Package and Crate the Right Way

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How to Package and Crate the Right WayIf you’re preparing for a cross-country or an international move for the first time, packaging your belongings correctly can be daunting. With the help of some packing tips and an experienced Pensacola moving company‘s packaging and crating services, your move will involve the least amount of hassle possible, and all of your possessions will arrive at your new home intact. Whether your freight is journeying by road, sea or air, it will need sufficient protection from the jostling it will endure while traveling.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Double corrugated cardboard is a protective packaging option. For extremely delicate items, wrap them in paper or bubble wrap, and place them in a cardboard box. All of these boxes can be placed in one shipping container, but make sure to pad each individual box within the container as well. Standard grade and recycled cardboard boxes can be used for less fragile items. You should be able to obtain corrugated cardboard boxes from your local moving company.


Your moving company will probably recommend crating your large, heavy items and containers so that they can be transported easily and safely. Crates have solid walls, and they’re able to hold a lot of weight. Consider crating items such as furniture, machinery, exercise equipment, and appliances, making sure that the heaviest items are placed on the bottom of the crate.


Ensure that every box is properly labeled to designate the contents within and the location they’re headed. Losing your belongings becomes much more likely if your freight isn’t labeled adequately. Labels should also include the date your freight was shipped, telephone numbers and addresses of the shipper and consignee, special instructions, and hours available for delivery.

Packaging and Crating Tips

  • Cover the corners of appliances and furniture items with cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Disassemble any items that can be taken apart, and place the hardware in labeled plastic bags.
  • Don’t package fragile items with recycled packaging because its reduced strength will hinder its ability to protect your belongings.
  • Remove drawers, cushions and pillows, so they don’t fall out of furniture items during transit.
  • Leave space between items in a box, and fill in the space with compressible packaging, such as foam and bubble wrap.

If the moving process overwhelms you, reach out to a trusted Pensacola moving company like Coastal Moving and Storage. Professional movers can assist you with the labeling, packaging, and crating of your items so that your items remain secure during transport.

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