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Top 5 Tips to a Stress Free Move

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Top 5 Tips to a Stress Free MoveThe common consensus is that moving is stressful. Yet, the truth of the matter is that moving is as stressful or stress-free as you make it.

For example, hiring a professional moving company versus attempting to DIY the move is one significant way to make your move easier. Usually, you have enough advanced notice to invest the time you need into planning, and this is how you can make your move fairly stress-free.

More than likely, you’re excited about the prospect of a new home or moving to a whole new city to start a new life. Why not make the move easy and enjoyable, so you don’t have to dread any part of it.

Set Yourself Up For Success

A move is on your horizon, and now is your chance to do your part to prepare for it. The steps you take now are what will determine if the move is easy and carefree or a challenging transition.


Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals also to take care of packaging services, the better the organization, the easier the move will be. Keeping a packing list and numbering your boxes to make your packing make sense will save you so much hassle during the moving process. Trust us; you’ll thank yourself when you arrive at your new home.

Color Coding Boxes by Room

In addition to numbering your boxes and keeping a master inventory list, make sure your boxes end up in the correct rooms upon arrival. You won’t believe how much smoother your move will be when every single box ends up in the right place. It’s a major time saver.

Start Early

There’s no such thing as starting too early. Homeowners who begin sorting through belongings to decide what they’re keeping and what goes will have greater success with their move. Packing items that are secured for seasonal or long-term storage are the ideal items to start packing early because you won’t need them before the move happens anyway.

Put Your Luggage to Use

Your existing luggage can either become more items to be packed away or can be put to use. Savvy homeowners use their bags for things they’ll need immediately and for delicate or valuable belongings. It enables you to make better use of your suitcases, as well as always keep essential items close to you .

The more you use a reputable professional to take care of your move, the better off you’ll be. Call Coastal Moving and Storage today and put our Pensacola moving company to work for you.

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