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The Best Ways to Pack and Move Your Clothing

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Pensacola Moving Services When you’re moving locally in Pensacola, you’ll probably choose to keep most of your belongings. You may sell some large furniture so that you don’t have to bother moving it, but otherwise, you’ll pack up your home and hire a moving company to transfer all of your items to another location. However, taking the time to declutter your home, especially your closet, before packing can make local moves a lot easier because you have to pack only what you want to keep and use in your new home. There are many so-called “decluttering and packing gurus” that attest to the power of careful and methodological packing with the intention of packing away clothing that you love and moving it with the help of your moving company in an efficient way. The following packing and moving tips can help you save time, reduce frustration, and protect your clothing during a move.

Declutter Your Closet

Before you even begin folding up your jeans and T-shirts, take a moment to assess the condition, sizes, and wearability of your clothing. Do the clothing items you’re about to stuff in boxes have any rips, tears, or pilling? Do they fit you well? Do you wear them often? Try to donate or sell clothing that is outdated, too big or small, or worn out. Additionally, if you’re hanging onto pieces but can’t find the occasion to wear them, consider letting them go.

Pre-Pack Your Clothing

Once you’ve determined which clothing items you want to keep and which ones you’ll sell or donate, you can begin packing away the clothing you won’t need during or immediately after your move. This pre-packing method allows you to unpack your clothes in the order you will need them instead of all at once. Weeks before your moving day, you can pack away specialty clothing, such as Halloween costumes, wedding dresses, and swimsuits you won’t wear in at least the next few months. Pre-pack clothing that is out of season as well. For instance, if you’re moving in the fall or winter, you won’t need to access your tank tops and shorts for a while.

Leave Your Clothing in Drawers

Before unloading your dresser drawers and throwing clothes into boxes or bags, consider leaving the clothes in the drawers. This method will save you time and money on packing materials. By folding clothing items tightly in the drawers, you’re ensuring that they stay secure during travel. While moving your furniture, you may take the drawers out temporarily, but once the dresser is in your moving company’s truck, you can put the drawers back inside.

Try applying these moving tips to your next local move, and become a moving pro. Make sure to seek professional help if you’re concerned about moving your items from one Pensacola home to another. An experienced moving company like Coastal Moving and Storage can assist you so that the moving process involves as little stress as possible.

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