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How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Breaking Your Back

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pensacola-moving-companyWhether you’re moving into a new home or simply rearranging your living space, knowing how to move heavy furniture without inflicting injury is vital. If you are not confident in your moving skills, hiring a Pensacola moving company for local moving is always a good decision. A sprained ankle, broken toe, or back injury caused by a moving malpractice could keep you out of work, hinder movement, and cost you in hospital bills, so review some tips and tricks for moving heavy furniture before you start pushing and pulling your bookshelf around.

Moving Dolly or Shoulder Dolly

Depending on the type of furniture you’re moving, a moving dolly could come in handy. Moving dollies are upright equipment with a handle, platform, and wheels, and they are easy to use and sold in various sizes. Movers must be sure that the furniture they place on the moving dolly is not so large that they cannot support it on the equipment. Shoulder dollies are useful if you require more leverage when moving a piece of furniture. They include lifting straps that connect to your shoulders, taking the weight off your back. Shoulder dollies should not be used up and down stairs because the weight will be placed primarily on the person on the bottom.

Decrease the Weight

If you’ve ever seen a moving company take drawers out of dressers and legs off of tables, you may have wondered why. Removing portable components can significantly reduce the weight of furniture. Additionally, consider removing objects from bookshelves before moving.

Furniture Sliders

Investing in furniture sliders can make your moving experience less laborious. Simply place the sliders underneath your furniture, and they will decrease the friction between the floor and the bottom of the furniture. Once the sliders are in place, you can push the furniture across the floor. Try to include another person so that the furniture does not tip while pushing, and be sure to push the furniture from a lower portion rather than the top.

Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company for your local moving can reduce the time and effort it takes for you to move. You should especially consider hiring moving professionals if friends or family are not available to assist you in the move. Haphazard moving can injure furniture, your home, or you. A moving company will complete an inventory of your belongings, pad your furniture, and handle fragile items with care.

If you wish to hire a Pensacola moving company for your move, contact Coastal Moving and Storage, and feel relief while knowing that your furniture is in good hands.

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