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Do’s and Don’ts of Moving – How to Set Yourself up For Success

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There is no doubt about it, a move can be a stressful time. Of course, it can also be an exciting time because you are relocating to a new home. At least if you are simply moving from one location within Pensacola to another, it does not feel like as big a task as moving out of state can be.

Either way, what helps is to have some tips to make your move manageable. This will help reduce, if not eliminate, stress and ensure that your move is a success. Why take a gamble and make your relocation process more complex than it needs to be?

Preparing Like a Pro

Hopefully, you have plenty of time to prepare in order to make your move a successful one. Here are some tips to use in order to help make your move, and the transition to your new home, a prosperous one.

Be realistic about what items to keep. Right before a move is a great time to purge unwanted belongings. There simply is no point in paying movers to pack up and relocate items you will throw away or donate once you get settled into your new home. If you have not used an item in a year or more, it may be time to part with it. Even better, if you forgot you had it in the first place, is it really something that you still need?

This is the perfect time to have a yard sale. Turn some of those items you no longer want into extra cash. There may also be larger items that you do no feel like moving, or items that may not fit or look right in the layout of your new home. Then, consider donating leftover items to a charity that can benefit from them. They may no longer work for you but these items may work for someone.

Make arrangements that day to have a neighbor act as babysitter for your kids and pets. Instead of having them at the house where they could get in the way or become injured, plan ahead and make it a less stressful day this way. Even if it simply means having someone come to your house and keep your children or pets in another section of the home to avoid any issues.

There are probably going to be some keepsake items that you would rather take yourself. This is especially easy to do when you are moving within the same city. Let the movers take everything else but you can take your most precious of belongings, in order to have peace of mind.

Don’t hire a mover blind. Meet them and let them see your house in order to get a fair estimate. Also, do not hire your moving company based solely on the lowest possible price. Too cheap a quote means you get what you pay for – shoddy results. Or, what often happens, is you find out about a lot of hidden fees at the end, once the truck arrives with all your belongings being held hostage until you pay.

The Help That You Need

There are plenty of other tricks you should learn before taking on a move. By making the wise choice to partner with Coastal Moving & Storage for this process, you will get expert advice, as well as service. We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the service they get from us.

Moving can be stressful but the movers you pick shouldn’t end up making things more hectic. Their job is to make the process as easy as possible, for you at least. If you make the smart decision to team up with us, you will quickly see just how simple it all can be, by letting us do the hard work.

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