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How To Properly Plan For A Move

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Packing ServicesLet’s face it, moving is a headache and takes a major toll on any homeowner or family. But with proper strategy and planning you can minimize the stress of moving. At Coastal Moving & Storage we can help you create a more positive moving experience by giving you some some strategies to help you plan for a move along the way.

Get The Word Out

Sit down and make a list of every person and entity that needs to be personally contacted before you move. Believe it or not there are more people than you think. Your list may include your family physician, all utilities, your local church secretary, everyone that is relevant at work, neighbors, your bank, and all relatives. For safety or security reasons, there may be some people you don’t want to tell, so be discerning in your list. The key is to tie up all loose ends in case someone important is trying to locate you. When you move, make a clean cut.

Begin Packing Early

Packing should be a slow methodical process that is carried out over a matter of weeks instead of days or hours. The more time you give yourself, the less stressed out you’ll be, and the more likely you are to make wise decisions. Try 3-5 boxes or items a day. Begin with one room at a time. Giving yourself more time will also help you pack your belongings more carefully and give you time to weed out and get rid of all that junk you’ve been meaning to anyway.

Take Care of Your Items

The basic rule is this: expect something to break or get lost during the move. Believe it or not, this can be avoided. There are some strategies you can employ in order to avoid damage to your stuff. Bubble wrap, cloth, and other items that minimize impact should be used for all delicate items. Anything that is breakable should be given extra wrap and extra care. When you are stacking boxes and items in the truck, make sure all breakables and delicate stuff is placed together in the same boxes and on at the top of the stack. Use blankets, pillows, and buffering items with furniture in order to keep it from getting scratched. Keep the truck stacked in an orderly fashion as tight as possible to minimize movement. Make sure you order the right size truck so that there is little to no movement. Basically, it’s better to go overboard taking in order to care for your items then not enough.

Label Everything

When hiring a moving company, one of the keys is efficiency and organization. The more organized you are the quicker and easier the packing will be. The best way to stay organized is to keep all items in all rooms together and label everything including all boxes. Even itemizing each box is not a bad idea. This helps both you and the movers when you are unpacking all items and makes unpacking go by smoothly.

Prepare the Property

Whether you are a homeowner or renting in Pensacola, there needs to be an exit strategy for the interior and exterior of your property that begins weeks before you move and involves a well laid out plan. You need to take care of as much as possible before the move, because after you move it suddenly becomes baggage rather than priority. This is especially true with items such as painting, cleaning, and yardwork. If you are able to, then the best thing to do is a professional to take care of all post-move property management.

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