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Pensacola Commercial Moving CompanyWhen it’s time to relocate your business, Coastal Moving & Storage is here to make the move easier. We’re a one-stop shop, which means none of the pressure will be on you or your staff, and we’ll coordinate and perform the entire job.

Everything in your commercial building, no matter what kind or what amount of furniture or equipment you have, can be safely, professionally, and promptly relocated by our team of Pensacola movers. No job is too large or too small, and our Pensacola Moving Company offers both hourly rate estimates and flat-rate pricing. Our commercial moving services include:

  • Packing
  • Storing
  • Relocating

We’ll begin every job by consulting with you and working out a plan that minimizes the disruptions in your business. Then, we’ll pack your items and move them, guaranteeing that there will be no damage during the move. For anything that’s not ready to be moved to the new building, we also offer safe and secure storage options.


Our Professional Commercial Movers

Our commercial movers are licensed, insured and bonded, and we offer a wide range of solutions to our corporate customers for their specific needs. We can relocate offices or other businesses, and we provide a large and varying array of services to make your transition smooth and seamless. When you need a commercial move, you can depend on the professionals at Coastal Moving & Storage.


Relocation Consultants

If you have a move that our staff is not capable of performing, we can consult for your relocation. We’ll assist you in making the right decision when you’re choosing a high-capacity mover, and we’ll help your staff do what needs to be done to prepare for moving day.


Records Storage

If you need any commercial records storage services, our professionals can pack or pick up the records pre-packed. Then, we’ll index them with our barcode system and bring them to our storage facility and place them on the racks. When you need to retrieve the records, we can usually access them within 24 hours.


Warehouse Distribution and Logistical Services

Our professionals can help you relocate anything that isn’t nailed down. All of it will be brought to our warehouse where it can be safely stored and redelivered to you when you need it. When we redeliver it, we’ll first check for damages just to be sure that there have been no oversights.

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