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Mobile Moving & Storage CompanyThe professionals at Coastal Moving & Storage know what a difficult, frustrating, and painstaking process moving can be, so when you hire us, we’ll do anything we can to make your move as pleasant and stress free as possible. We have been serving Mobile and the surrounding areas since 1969, and we’ve developed a strong reputation by consistently proving family and business owners with the best and most professional moving services possible. We strive at every job we take to keep you away from any stress and frustration.

Our Mobile Moving Company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have extensive training and experience, so we can guarantee that you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with all of the work we provide. No matter how much or how little you need to have moved, or what the distance of the move is, we’ll be ready to get you there with as few worries as possible. We also offer storage services for anything that you can’t bring along.

Give us a call today with any questions you have about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment, and our Moving Company will be looking forward to assisting you.


Mobile Moving Services

Even when you’re not moving very far away, the job can be exhausting and it can feel overwhelming. So we’re always ready to give you the best quality moving services possible. Whether you’re moving locally, across states, or even across the country, we can make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible and it stress-free for you. You can always depend on our Mobile Moving Services to handle every aspect of the job from start to finish.

We also offer commercial moving services, so when it’s time for your Mobile business to move, you won’t need to lose time or money. Our professionals can handle any amount or kind of furniture or other equipment, pack it and transport it safely, and keep the entire process as stress free as possible. We’ll make sure that you’re able to keep your business running smoothly throughout the moving process.


Mobile Storage Facility

Coastal Moving & Storage also has some of the safest and most secure storage facilities in the Mobile area, and we’re able to take great care of anything you need in storage. Whether you have commercial equipment that needs to be stored indefinitely, or you need short-term storage while your home is remodeled, we can take on the job. Our Mobile Storage Services will pick up your belongings and put them directly into a storage vault, which won’t be opened again until it’s returned your home, guaranteeing the most secure storage possible.

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